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Hand Script

Handwritten Font


Hand Script

Oh boy, this is getting crazy. If this is the first font you've clicked on, i'm sorry this description will offer no help but will hopefully be funny and entertaining, if not quirky and weird! If this isn't the first font you clicked on, hello again! Welcome back! Come to see the next disaster, eh? I don't blame you. Each description will be a lovely car wreck on it's own but together, a massive pile-up on the highway! As per usual, this description will go nowhere and everywhere at once because that's how the mind works, right? At least mine does. OK we are approaching rambling territory so i'll leave you here to mull all that over....
Your purchase will include a ZIP file with your font and a disclaimer! Please review the disclaimer before use.





***This is a non-refundable purchase so please read everything carefully. After completion of your order, the file containing the digital asset can be downloaded immediately from Etsy. If you're purchasing from Society6, please refer to the copyright and fine print from there. This is an original design/font/pattern made by AlygDraws. This design/font/pattern is for personal use only and is not for distribution in any form. Please do not sell anywhere or post this design/font/pattern online. This design/font/pattern may not be returned or exchanged. All sales are final! You can sell items made from this design/font/pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and you give credit to AlygDraws, the designer.***

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