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video editing, advertising & GIF animation

Hide and Go Feet!


This video was for an Art and Film class. We had to create a short based on a Director of our choice. This one is based on Quentin Tarantino's obsession with feet, as well as his style of editing and music choice.

FIT Class

The objective of this film was to create a short profile of Providence and make it appealing to others who may not have visited before. Kind of like a touring video!


Welcome Freshman!

For my Introduction to Film class we had to create an advertisement directed at incoming freshman. We had to pick an area that we wanted to show and make it appealing or even make up a program that the school could host for these freshman to get to know Providence. I chose Thayer Street.

Unido Opening

My professor filmed these clips and taught us how to use film editing software, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. The next video below is the closing to the video edited together (including music and text). Every video was different since each student put together each clip how they saw fit!

Unido Closing

This is the end result for the ending sequence. They are separated into two videos for grading purposes. Also, if it were on live TV, it would be the before and after of a commercial break. Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects were both used for these videos.

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