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Thank You - Blue

Greeting Card


Thank You - Blue

Nothing feels better than receiving a thank you note! Whether it's to someone who sent you a thoughtful gift, or attended a party, or just because. You can even add your own personal touch with the blank inside provided! Available in a Pink color in another lisitng!

Included with your purchase is a JPG and an instruction sheet to hopefully help in a smoother printing process.

-Make sure your printer settings are appropriate for the size of this document (it is 11x8.5). I understand that not everyone's printer has borderless printing, but these will look super cute even with a border (or can be trimmed afterwards).
-If there are any issues or you have questions about printing, I would be more than happy to help!

Note: Colors may vary depending on your screen as well as the printer you use!





***This is a non-refundable purchase so please read everything carefully. After completion of your order, the file containing the digital asset can be downloaded immediately from Etsy. This is an original design/font/pattern made by AlygDraws. This design/font/pattern is for personal use only and is not for distribution in any form. Please do not sell anywhere or post this design/font/pattern online. This design/font/pattern may not be returned or exchanged. All sales are final! You can sell items made from this design/font/pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and you give credit to AlygDraws, the designer.***

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